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  • The flu injection is administered by an immunisation accredited pharmacist or nurse.
  • Your national immunisation record for vaccinations received at a ATARA pharmacy will be updated in the same way it would be if you received the vaccination by a GP.
  • Children between the ages of 10 – 16 years are able to receive the flu vaccination at a ATARA pharmacy.
  • The fee for the flu shot is $24.95.

** Please note, the subsidised vaccine is NOT SUPPLIED free of charge at the pharmacy. This can be accessed free of charge from your general practitioner under the National Immunisation Program (NIP) . These include patients that are pregnant, people 65 years and over, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and people with medical conditions.

If you are eligible for a subsidised flu vaccine please call your regular GP, as medical practices have the best supply of the NIP subsidised vaccine.

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  • The flu shot changes every year to match different strains of the flu that are circulating. Even if you had the flu shot last year, it’s important that you get it every year to make sure you’re protected for when flu season hits.
  • The flu shot is safe and effective and doesn’t contain any live virus so it can’t give you the flu.
  • Think you’re fit and healthy and never get the flu? The flu doesn’t discriminate, anyone can get the flu. The flu is spread by contact with fluids from coughs and sneezes that contain the flu virus. The flu virus can live on any surface for almost 48 hours. Your best possible protection is with the flu shot.
  • The influenza shot does not protect you against COVID-19.

Welcome to ATARA Compounding Pharmacy

Our compounding pharmacy in Vermont South operates upon a system which always puts customer service, empowering advice and customer education first.

Good ‘old-fashioned’ service with a smile and friendly courteous customer care is only one of the many characteristics that set us apart. We are a family oriented health care provider, and strive to support you and your family’s well-being and lifestyle needs. Consider us a member of your own personal health care team at our Compounding Pharmacy.

With a high priority on pharmaceutical care, one-on-one patient counselling, our goal is to deliver quality health care to our patients We offer highly competitive prices for medications and our pharmacists are always available to answer all your questions and concerns

Why Choose Us?

Compounding has the gift of flexibility, allowing us to cater for individual patient needs and doctor’s ingenuity. We are dedicated to empower our patients and prescribers to achieve optimum health outcomes by providing tailor made medications of the highest possible quality and to provide complete therapy options and outcomes.Our service will reflect our detailed, honest, caring, innovative and consistent approach to patient care.
All of our raw materials are of a pharmaceutical grade which have gone through stringent batch testing, and are therefore certified to be of the highest and correct purity and strength required for compounding.  All raw ingredients are accompanied with certificates of analysis verifying product integrity.

Our compounds are regularly sent for testing to independent labs to validate for quality, potency stability and consistency of products compounded by our facility.. With these measures in place we continually refine our formulations to develop high quality products as well as offer assurance to Doctors and patients alike.

The efficacy of any formulation is directly related to its preparation. When tweaking a formula or developing a unique preparation, the compounding pharmacist must consider physical and chemical properties of both the active ingredient and excipients, solubility, tonicity, viscosity, and the most appropriate dosage form or device for administering the needed medication. Research and development plays an integral part of the service we provide. We invest time in improving our formulas, working with the integrative community and keep abreast of the latest international therapies and technology enabling us to extend our offering of products.

Over the past years, we have developed proprietary transdermal bases for the BHRT, cosmeceuticals, and pain management applications and worked with many practitioners to offer ‘signature’ products. We have taken part in several clinical trials with recognised universities both locally and internationally.

ATARA Compounding Pharmacy laboratories are operated under strict quality control measures. Our laboratory is well equipped with the most advance equipment that allows for a comprehensive service, in line with USP 795 – Pharmaceutical Non-Sterile .

ATARA Compounding Pharmacy is also a member of  Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia (PCCA) . We are proud to be amongst the first compounding pharmacies in Australia to achieve the PCCA tick of approval for meeting the PCCA accreditation standards. Membership also gives us access to an extensive medical professional database and formulary.


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QCPP Accredited, PCCA Approved

We are one of the few Compounding Pharmacies in Australia to have PCCA “tick of approval” rating for meeting the rigid PCCA compounding standard