We wanted to move into the future with a name and logo that is unique to only us and reflects what we wish to achieve for our customers and clients, and that is, a promise to provide health and wellbeing, through integrity, pride in our work, respect for others and their privacy, excellence in the field of compounding and holistic wellness, community involvement and professional service.

The brand ATARA came about during these unusual and challenging times, to symbolise our journey forward with deeper understanding of what is really important and what we want to achieve through our business.

ATARA means the blessed lotus crown. The lotus is widely regarded as a symbol of rebirth as it rises from muddy waters with a spiritual beauty and grace. The crown represents the quality and service we strive for in all segments of our business including investing in our employees who are our most valuable asset. We are fortunate to have passionate, dedicated individuals in our team and investment in people rewards us all. We feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to use integrative medicine, pharmaceutical knowledge and compounding to help both people and animals.

ATARA’s view is to source ethical and natural products which do not skimp on quality, provide allergy free, and vegan options, and support local and Australian business where possible. We continue to support and empower our patients both in prevention of illness and maintenance of their health.

The lotus also symbolises the spiritual journey of knowing oneself through the body and mind connection with the aim of enlightening the world with love, prosperity, compassion and empathy.

At ATARA we wear this lotus crown, proudly.