Dental Compounding

ATARA Compounding Pharmacy has specialised in providing compounding services to Australian dentists for a number of years. Products for topical anaesthesia, dry sockets, ulcers, burning mouth syndrome, temporomandibular joint pain, mucositis treatments, dry mouth, lip balms, bleeding prevention and even anti-gag reflex compounds are possible.

We keep at the forefront of the latest compounding techniques, such as powder mixing with RAM (resonant acoustic mixing), and the use of innovative vehicles especially designed for the mouth and mucous membranes.

As compounded products are only created on prescription for the individual patient, we are able to take into consideration any allergies or intolerances of the patient, by the considered choice of excipients and preservatives.

Medications are manufactured commercially in only a limited number of strengths and dosage forms that will satisfy the needs of most patients. Compounded medications, using pharmaceutical grade chemicals and specialised equipment, are there to fill the gaps left by the big pharmaceutical companies.

Dentists – Contact ATARA Compounding Pharmacy on 03 9887 2863 or to discuss using compounded products in your practice.