Speciality Medicine

ATARA Compounding Pharmacy has been compounding prescriptions from a wide variety of specialities from gastroenterologists to paediatricians.
Prescribing and administering medications to children can be challenging and present many problems especially finding accurate dosage forms and flavours that will ensure the child takes the medication. Paediatricians sometimes require medications that are not commonly needed by infants or children and only have an adult dose form available to them.

We can compound oral medications into pleasantly flavoured suspensions, solutions, rapid dissolve tablets, ‘gummy chews’, freezer pops, effervescent powders, or lozenges.

Some drugs are able to be compounded into transdermal gels that can be easily applied to an appropriate site, such as the child’s wrist, for absorption through the skin.

Geriatric patients too, can face challenges in swallowing tablets or capsules and may also benefit fromalternative personalised dosage forms.
Dosage forms such as nasal sprays, suppositories, pessaries, even shampoos have all been compounded to treat conditions where no alternatives were available.

Compounding has also been a boon to dermatologists who use our services to prescribe compounded productsto treat a whole range of skin conditions including melasma, psoriasis, scarring, even hair loss in the strengths and combinations they require. Compounding enables them to treat patients with sensitivities and allergies to preservatives, fragrances etc. With confidence. There are conditions where no products currently exist or are only available commercially overseas, and this is where compounded prescriptions are essentia

Chronic pain is an area where compounding can make a real difference in patients’ lives. Some doctors are exploring compounded topically applied pain medications in an effort to reduce side effects and minimise dosages. Concentrated local applications of certain drugs can be targeted to the affected area, such as joints, trigger points etc. This is an exciting and rapidly evolving area which we look forward to closely pursuing into the future.

Customised nutritional supplements can also be compounded from a prescription to target deficiencies identified by the prescriber. This can be especially helpful for patients with metabolic diseases and concurrent sensitivities and allergies.

Hormone replacement therapy through bio-identical hormones is another field where prescribers utilise the ability to personalise the doses as creams, gels, troches and pessaries according to the exact and changing needs of the patient, whether they be menopausal or under IVF treatment.

These services can only be provided by a compounding pharmacy, with specialized equipment and training and experience.

We welcome patients or prescribers to contact us at ATARA Compounding Pharmacy with any questions or enquiries at: orders@ataracompounding.com.au or 03 9887 2863.