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Medicinal Cannabis – what’s it all about?


Medicinal cannabis refers to pharmaceutical grade extracts of the Cannabis Sativa plant Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Although there are literally hundreds of phytochemicals found in this plant, CBD and THC are the most widely studied for their potential uses in human (and animals) to treat a variety of medical conditions. Changes in regulations surrounding these chemicals which occurred a few years ago, renewed the medical and pharmaceutical world’s interest, although the history of use of this plant goes back to ancient times. Because these chemicals work on the Endocannabinoid System, which is present in the bodies of all humans and [...]

Medicinal Cannabis – what’s it all about?2021-04-18T10:36:24+10:00

ATARA What Is It All About


We wanted to move into the future with a name and logo that is unique to only us and reflects what we wish to achieve for our customers and clients, and that is, a promise to provide health and wellbeing, through integrity, pride in our work, respect for others and their privacy, excellence in the field of compounding and holistic wellness, community involvement and professional service. The brand ATARA came about during these unusual and challenging times, to symbolise our journey forward with deeper understanding of what is really important and what we want to achieve through our business. ATARA [...]

ATARA What Is It All About2020-12-27T22:48:44+10:00

Can’t Swallow Tablets


You’re not alone. It is estimated that 30%-40% of the population has some sort of difficulty swallowing a tablet or capsule. Food is normally chewed before swallowing, and swallowing a tablet whole requires us to consciously override this normal behaviour as well as dealing with the gag reflex which nature has provided to help prevent us from choking. Children can usually begin to manage this process at the age of 10 but for a lot of people, for a range of reasons, they are never able to swallow a tablet or capsule whole, and it remains an embarrassing secret for [...]

Can’t Swallow Tablets2020-11-27T08:23:48+10:00

Looking After Your Skin Under a Mask


While masks have become essential accessories during Covid times, it is important to remember that your facial skin is also facing unprecedented conditions. Your breath creates a hot and humid environment under your mask while the edges of the mask may cause redness and dryness with friction from prolonged wear. Rarely, a wearer may experience an allergy or contact dermatitis from their mask. This could be from the wire, fabric or chemicals within the fabric. A well-fitting mask that is snug and doesn’t slide around but without leaving impressions or indentations in your skin is the ideal, and may take [...]

Looking After Your Skin Under a Mask2020-09-29T06:32:59+10:00